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Undisputed Championship Wrestling was established on March 31, 2007. Over the course of 6 years, UCW excited crowds all over Fayette County Pennsylvania. Running events in Uniontown, Connellsville, Dunbar, Grindstone, Mt. Braddock and even Kingwood, West Virginia.... Over that 6 year span there were plenty of big names and future stars that walked thru the doors of UCW. Including ECW stars "The Franchise" Shane Douglas, Axl Rotten and The Rockin Rebel. Also Former WWE Stars Doink the Clown, Zach Gowen, Head Shrinker Samu and Afa Jr.... We also hosted the likes of current NXT commentator Sterling James Keenan now known as Cory Graves and current WWE Performance Center coach Sara Del Rey aka Sara Amato. Along with a host of top Independent Stand Outs.

Over the years UCW went thru plenty of highs and plenty of lows. UCW held its 6 year anniversary show on May 3, 2013. At the time it was not known but later revealed that, that was indeed the final UCW event. As UCW management declared the company defunct in October of 2013.... Well as in any business sometimes doors close and sometimes new ones open. And after a 3 year absence we are proud to announce that UCW IS BACK! AND IT IS TIME FOR OUR REDEMPTION!!!!